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SemaphoreCI ( RenderedText) was a small start-up company, with around 20 people. They used to be transparent in sharing decisions and company goals.
Colleagues are nice and eager to help, but the company's idea is to rely mostly on the company playbook and self-education and not to waste anyone's time if not necessary.

The curse of the small start-up that starts growing is hiring unemphatic, shrewd managers that should help the company grow even more with different tactics and bad decisions, where, at the end of the day, the ones that are affected are employees. So, the company that was once people-oriented and transparent is now firing people with no clear and transparent reason for doing that, influenced by the short-term manager (3-months), whose words are by default words of truth, and the long-term employee are not even asked about the situation nor given a chance to improve things.
This company is obviously changing its direction in doing business, trying to resemble corporations, where micromanaging people and hiding things are becoming standard. And as a part of that, they look for tricky managers that will help with this intention, and on the other hand, managers that are giving zero guidance or constructive feedback, that set no clear expectations, that are jealous of employees that have more knowledge in different areas, managers that have many faces and with a great tactic of making people that are not working closely with them to like them.
This company had great potential, but sadly and how usually it is, they chose profit over people and creatures called Heads that are bringing their personal and not professional thoughts to the table.

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2020. na 2019.

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