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Web Developer Internship

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We are looking for:

Web Developer Internship


If u know basics of JavaScript programing language and React and Node.js frameworks and u are missing practical knowledge and experience within teamwork and commercial projects join our internship and bootstrap your programing career.

You are

  • Open minded
  • Team player
  • Problem solver
  • Persistent
  • Fast learner
  • Passionate about web developmen


  • Knowlegde in JavaScript programing language
  • Basic knowledge of algorithms
  • Basic knowledge of Git version control
  • Behind the scene JavaScript patterns
  • Knowledge in HTML/CSS/SASS
  • Basic knowledge of React or Node.js

You will lern

  • React alongside with Redux, Hooks, MaterialUi, Styled components, Jest
  • Node.js alongside with Express, GraphQl, Apollo server, MongoDb, MySql, Docker


Internship is based on being full time and stimulating the working atmosphere and team work. U will work on real project simulations to gain knowledge in project development workflow, team work, project management, reporting, setting goals etc.

Within this we have weekly lectures and hands-on workshops in new areas and technologies needed for web development. Interns also have a chance to prepare lectures and represent them in front of the other interns and senior colleagues.

Every intern needs to be up to date with his knowledge, so we have weekly tests in algorithms to test their logical thinking combined with technical skills. After all you will have a chance to be part of company hackathons where u can express your creativity and maybe gain the chance to have your own project within the company.

For the last month of internship interns will work on commercial project for real clients where they have a chance to improve knowledge and see how stuff works in the IT world.


Internship duration is 5 months. It's divided into two parts: 4 months of internship and 1 month for commercial project. Because internship stimulates the real working environment it will be held every working day from 9h to 17h.

Deadline for applications: 10.08.2020.

Job listing has been deactivated.
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