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Usability & Digital Adoption Platform Lead

Arcadis Gen


Arcadis Gen is the new SaaS business from Arcadis, backed by a €3bn+ revenue, 27,000-person, 70-country, 130-year-old company. We are bold, dynamic, and disruptive, revolutionizing the future of digital asset management through our 250+ colleagues in over 10 countries worldwide. 

Gen has one purpose: to unlock the power of data for a more sustainable, efficient, and resilient world.  The world is rapidly changing, and the potential of boundless data and transformative technologies brings countless challenges. And no-one is meeting these challenges quite like we are.  Our customers want digital solutions that will optimize their businesses – for better performance, reliability, and improved quality of life for everyone. And that is what we do
Customer Centric


Global Inclusion

Trust & Transparency

The Opportunity  

This role is a combination of two key components: Usability testing and Gen’s Digital Adoption Platform. Combining both areas under a single role will ensure Gen provides an awesome user experience in our products & solutions.

You will work closely with colleagues across Gen to gather input about personas and customer journeys. These personas and journeys will vary per product. Based on these persona’s you will lead the usability testing sessions with users. During the usability testing you will observe how users use our products measuring both their success and their feelings. 

You will be working closely with colleagues from the product & technology domain to discuss the feedback, defining if there are changes required for the product functionality, UI design and/or whether they are items to be covered through onboarding. The items to be delivered through the digital adoption platform will be your scope to implement.

You will work with subject matter experts from the product & technology domain to really understand the products. Together with our own team of multi media designer and digital content creator you will develop an approach for the digital onboarding. You will set the scope, define how to explain the backlog to show the user where the value lies and to ensure they get onboarded to the product. Fully understanding functionality as well as getting the right value out. 

Keeping in mind that we onboard our customers, ecosystem partners and own Gen employees who are located all over the world. A true global focus and inclusiveness is key to success in this role.

You will be a part of Skills Lab, the enabler for a good onboarding. Being a team player is a must as you will move through Gen finding the right information to set the direction.

Your Responsibilities

  • Define customers and users for usability testing
  • Lead usability testing sessions with users
  • Manage the usability testing feedback with the product & technology domain to further improve the product
  • Define backlog required for digital onboarding 
  • Work out product workflow processes as input for digital onboarding.
  • Guide the digital adoption platform team (set up sprints & focus).
  • Test designed solution
  • Collaborate with the Product & Technology domain to ensure user experience is delivered through the DAP.
  • Collaborate with our customer success team to be the enabler for good onboarding. 
  • Lead and be accountable for the implementation of the DAP, working closely with; Product, Marketing, Solutions and Customer Experience teams.
  • Defining the output of the user analytics and working with the CX Manager to learn about user behaviour.

What You Bring

Our ideal candidate will have a strong technical background and be highly experienced in understanding all the elements which contribute to successful technical delivery.


  • Project management capabilities 
  • Knowledge and understanding of the concepts of product management and development.
  • Experience in usability testing.
  • Experience in agile workways.  
  • Experience in using digital adoption platforms
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Good collaboration skills with a global focus
  • Team player
  • Willing to learn


  • Knowledge of WalkMe’s digital adoption platform
  • Knowledge about user experience.
  • Analytical skills and insight to understand and making decisions based on the data from the digital adoption platform.

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