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Oglasi za posao Staff Product Platform Engineer
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Staff Product Platform Engineer




Python Flask senior

In 2011, Marc Andreessen famously said, “Software is eating the world.” 10+ years later, software hasn’t just nibbled, it has indulged in a lavish ten-course feast at a Michelin star restaurant. From Slack to Zoom to Figma, software is embedded in every company’s DNA. And while most just get to enjoy the benefits, there is one unsung hero behind it all: IT

While being flooded with never ending IT tickets, they are also making sure Guy Fieri in Sales doesn’t buy yet another tool “promising” a 103% lead conversion rate. And burying themselves in spreadsheets to prepare the SOC2 report for when Gordon Ramsey from the Big 4 comes knocking. And can’t forget about Julia Child, the newest on-call engineer, who needs access to prod DB to investigate an incident. All of these workstreams are among spreadsheets, emails, Slack messages, and Zoom calls. But those days are numbered.

Let there be Lumos

Lumos is building the first AppHQ for companies. In essence, we are creating the meta app, the source-of-truth for companies to manage all their apps.

Why Lumos?

  • Rocketship Growth: In less than two years, our team has grown from 20 to ~80 brilliant minds across Canada, the United States and South America. Our customer base has more than 10x’d with some pretty incredible names like SiriusXM, GitHub, and Intercom.
  • Backed by Industry Leaders: Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has backed us since the beginning. We have a team of trusted advisors including Joel De La Garza (partner at a16z and previous Chief Security Officer at Box) and Leland Maschmeyer (the design thinker behind Spotify and Microsoft)
  • Grow with us: You have the chance to be one of the first 100 people at Lumos. At Lumos, you will build your function from the ground up, get exposure to different aspects of the business developing a diverse skill set, and most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to pave your own path.

We are rewriting the IT playbook, one that better reflects our software eaten world. 

We’re seeing very strong adoption with core products, and in order to double down our investment and support accelerating growth, we’re hiring a Staff Product Platform Engineer to join the team. You'd be among the first 100 employees and set the foundation for extreme growth.

The Product Platform team plays a critical role in ensuring Lumos executes towards company goals by enabling our product engineering teams to execute more quickly and with higher quality. This team develops the core frameworks and primitives used by engineers across the company, including our human-in-the-loop workflow framework, core user and account data pipeline, and more. Product Platform also invests in external-facing API infrastructure that allows customers to deepen their Lumos usage, as well as a shared frontend platform for product engineers to build consistent user experiences. On this team, you'll be involved in scaling the engineering team and the entire company!

Your Responsibilities

  • Take ownership of our core architecture and data models. Collaborate closely with other engineers to develop the frameworks and systems used by other teams.
  • Design and build robust, scalable systems that enable us to scale our platform to 10x the number of users.
  • Drive the infrastructure for our data ingestion pipelines that set the foundation for all products at Lumos.
  • Solve challenging engineering problems focused mainly in the backend (Python, Flask), but potentially in other parts of the stack.
  • Uplevel your team by setting technical best practices and mentoring engineers.
  • Grow the engineering team! Interview candidates and refine our recruiting processes as we rapidly grow.

Pay Range

$200,000 - $290,000. Note that this range is a good faith estimate of likely pay for this role; upon hire, the pay may differ due to skill and/or level of experience.

What We Value

We care much more about your motivation and excitement to grow into the role than we care just about your CV. Instead of focusing on what people need to have, we focus on what people need to do. Additionally, we try to find out whether you would be a good fit for Lumos based on our values that define how we achieve outcomes and what characteristics we value.

We strongly encourage individuals from underrepresented groups to apply.

Benefits and Perks:

  • Remote work culture (+/-4 hours Pacific Time)
  • Medical, Vision, & Dental coverage covered by Lumos
  • Company and team bonding trips throughout the year fully covered by Lumos
  • Optimal WFH setup to set you up for success
  • Unlimited PTO, with minimum time off to make sure you are rested and able to be at your best
  • Up to (4) months off for both the Birthing & Non-birthing parent
  • Wellness stipend to keep you awesome and healthy
  • 401k contribution plan

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