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Software Engineer



Osterus is tackling challenges within the recruiting and H.R. space. It is our ambition to have a borderless world, where individuals have access to global jobs. This is why Osterus helps solve a bias problem and supplements organizations with knowledge to address “foreign” CVs from universities and companies you might have not heard of.

At Osterus, we are enabling recruiters to focus on applications by filtering based on their criteria, for example: education, work experience, languages spoken etc. We integrate big data with rich analytics and a smooth user experience.

We are a small and very dynamic team of tech and business enthusiasts. We move fast, make decisions and execute quickly, while still keeping a good and productive organisation, with clear plans, requests and specifications. This allows us to be very flexible and to set our own schedules, fitting in the bigger picture of the company goals. We cherry picked from agile what works best for us, and built our work process around that. Our organizational structure is super flat, and everybody is easily reachable.

The ideal candidate loves working in such a fast paced environment. You would be expected to be self-reliant, to organize your own time, and your time dedicated to the team, being available when needed and delivering what was planned. At the moment, you would be working full time from the location of your choice. Down the road, we might offer an office space as well, where we can come together when needed, or when anyone feels like it. You will be the master of your own time, and you will be responsible for your share of tasks. You are analytical and love creative problem solving.

Technology stack is currently on Ruby on Rails for backend and React JS for frontend, with migration to Node.js in the backend in progress. After the migration, we will no longer be working with Ruby on Rails. We also work in Python on the ML side of things.

What you should be comfortable with:

  • Working in Node.js and sometimes in Ruby on Rails, until the migration is over
  • Working in React JS
  • Ideally working across the entire stack and quickly changing context
  • Ideally modeling PostgreSQL database and writing queries when needed
  • Helping with DevOps tasks if possible
  • Working remotely in a multinational team

What we would expect from your past experience:

  • 3+ years of experience in backend and/or frontend development
  • Knowledge of, or at least familiarity with Node.js
  • Knowledge of, or at least familiarity with React JS, ideally React on Hooks
  • Ideally experience with SQL
  • Good command of spoken and written English language
  • Experience with Python is a plus

We accept applications which are full stack, and which are not full stack, depending on circumstance and your willingness to expand your skills.

Please make sure you include your CV in your application. We are looking forward getting in touch with you!

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Posao Software Developer / Programmer / Engineer (150 oglasa)


WordPress Developer

WebFactory Ltd

Rad od kuće
1.500 - 5.000 USD (mesečna plata)

Senior WordPress Developer


JobRack - Huemor

3.000 - 4.000 USD (mesečna plata)

Junior Automotive Software Developer


RT-RK d.o.o.

Beograd, Novi Sad

Shopify Developer


JobRack - Huemor

2.500 - 3.300 USD (mesečna plata)
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