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SVP of Software Engineering and Operations





$400 K / Year, $200 / Hour
40 Hours / Week
Full Time, Remote


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent (MS or Ph.D. preferred)
  • Excellent technical hands-on expertise in software development, software architecture, quality assurance, cloud infrastructure and automated deployments using CI/CD tools
  • 5+ years as a hands-on software developer or architect or in software managerial roles
  • 5+ years in a senior software engineering leadership position such as CTO, Head of Development, or Director of Engineering
  • Managerial experience of a group of 250+ staff
  • Managed an annual IT budget of more than $25m
  • At least 1 year of experience leading an organization that makes use of IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS
  • Setting aggressive goals for your teams using SMART principles and usage of metrics/data as a key driver in your decision-making processes
  • Technically dominant and opinionated lead aspiring for continuous improvement across his organization* An advanced level of English


  • Build and lead a high performing distributed organization that delivers top quality at a high-pace
  • Be the driving force in a continuous improvement process (Kaizen) where you and your groups are expected to deliver exceptional results QoQ
  • Make quick and precise decisions based on concrete data and in-depth technical understanding of the tasks conducted by your teams
  • Hire great VPs and SEMs and then continuously coach and mentor them
  • Craft hiring plans to improve the talent pool in your team by using the Crossover staff

This is a rare opportunity for software executives to feel again the excitement of (re)learning and crafting. Feelings that sometimes get lost during a long high-paced career.

We offer a fully-remote job opportunity as a software executive where you can work from anywhere while building and operating global engineering groups composed of hundreds of remote-workers from 100+ different countries, all of which belong to the world's top-1% of global talent.

If this is not enough, our portfolio is composed of 100+ different B2B Cloud-based SaaS products that come through an endless stream of acquisitions.

We are the world's largest #remotework company, and we are looking for high performing, tech-savvy SVPs of Engineering and Operations for a long-term, full-time role. Our organization is different. You'll be working with some of the best VPs and SVPs out there, and to excel, you'll need to be hands-on, into the details, fast to react, quick to process, and eager to deliver exceptional results every day. Working with super-smart, high paced colleagues enables you to build a dream-team with outstanding performance. We transform slow-paced, complex software companies into what we believe is the future of work. Learn how to build and lead fully distributed teams using our unique, revolutionary, fully remote operating environment. Work in a super fast-paced environment with new software companies joining the portfolio monthly. Grow your career at a rapid pace, receive daily coaching and weekly performance reviews, improve your skills, and deliver unprecedented business results. Joining us is a smart career move as within a short period, you'll evolve your skills to become a #futureofwork executive that exceeds any global standards of any company out there.

Apply now to start your long-term career path with us!


You will be building and running a world-class, fully remote organization using radically differentiated, lean-thinking processes. You will drive weekly productivity improvements to obtain significant levels of value at much higher levels than that which you will find in other companies. You will leverage your technical depth as a former developer and architect to set a personal standard for excellence across your organization. You'll be hiring great VPs and SEMs and will be responsible for continuously coaching and mentoring them -- help them grow.


It starts with personal growth and "future-proofing" your career by learning how to build and scale high-performing fully remote organizations - we have no doubt that this is the #futureofwork. Building and leading a fully distributed remote organization is a new skill that requires a different managerial methodology. Once you get on-boarded, your training starts with four weeks of a full-time, fully-paid training program to teach you our managerial framework and how to become a great remote manager.

At Crossover, your technical learning does not stop when you assume a senior leadership position. In fact, it even accelerates as you get exposed to all of the different products and technologies that your organization gets to work on. Our portfolio of 150 different products ensures this accelerated technical growth.

We hate waste, don't you? We continuously strive to eliminate it either via process improvements or via automation. You'll become great at identifying waste, finding its true root-cause, and then eliminating it in a simple and clean manner.

Last but not least, you'll learn how to do more in less time. Surrounded by the top 1% of global managers, you'll have great peers from all around the world that you can both teach as well as learn from.

Deadline for applications: 25.07.2020.

Job listing has been deactivated.

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