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QA Engineer



How We Work

  • We are a 100% distributed company. Our team members work from wherever they choose to live and we regularly get together in nice locations all over Europe for fun and a bit of work. Please note that we meet somewhere in Europe, so you should be within reasonable flight time from major European cities.
  • We work in small teams, focused on shipping products in 4-6 week cycles.
  • We always strive to improve ourselves and the way we work, so we like to experiment with new tools and new ways of working. Sometimes it works out, sometimes we fail, but we always learn a lot during the process. 
  • We are highly result-oriented and are looking for people who are too.
  • You take on full responsibility for your projects and their results. In return, we give you a lot of freedom and independence to shape your daily work.   
  • We strongly believe in transparency, so we share (almost) every information within the company and even open source it in our handbook
  • We discuss issues openly and directly with each other and bring them up as soon as we notice them.
  • We highly value the opinions of our team members and make decisions based on data, not hierarchy. Your voice counts, but you might not be right every time.

Our Projects

  • Modern web apps (ReactJS, Angular)
  • Native mobile apps (iOS, Android)

Required Skills

  • Excellent English skills are crucial for this position. You will need to explain developers that they made a mistake. You will need to communicate with a Client to assure her that we are on top of software quality.
  • Experience in a team with mature Quality Assurance processes.
  • Experience in any end to end test automation frameworks (Selenium, Cypres or similar) 


  • We pay 30000-50000€ per year, depending on your skills and experience.

Recruitment Process

For a remote company like us, it’s crucial to find the right people who can identify 100% with our company values and culture. So please don’t get intimidated by our multi-step recruiting process and bear with us until the end. It’s worth it.

  • Application form
  • Short homework assignment
  • A 60 min call with our Platform Lead to get to know each other a bit and talk about tech stuff, processes and answer your questions about the job.
  • 3 x 30 min 1 on 1 calls with our Squad Leads (each call is with a different Squad Lead)
  • A 30 min call with a peer employee
  • A final 15 min call with Hannes, our Supreme Mugwump aka Managing Director (if your second degree is law).

Why Stanwood?

We are a family of tech enthusiasts, nerds and digital pioneers working together remotely from all over the world. We are not bound by offices or locations, our passion to build awesome technology is the glue that holds us together. We highly value our freedom to live and work wherever we want and create an environment where we can max out our potential and push our limits every day.

Everything we do has one sole purpose: We want to create awesome code and deliver software our clients love. And we want to do it in the most fun way possible for us.

Our „Woodies“ comes from a multitude of countries and cultural backgrounds. Diversity, openness, and communication are key to our success. We hire for attitude and train for skill. We prefer diverse, critical thinking over conformity. And we focus on quality, not working hours.

Want to know more? Check out our handbook.

We have finished this round of recruitment, but feel free to leave your application so next time you will be in the front row!

Posao Quality Assurance (39 oglasa)


QA Engineer


Computer Rock

Remote or Belgrade office

Lead or Senior QA Engineer


Neotech Solutions


QA Engineer

Diligent d.o.o.

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