Job listing has been deactivated. This job listing has been deactivated on 03.11.2020. at the request of the employer.

Product Development Manager

Seven Bridges

Beograd, Novi Sad

Seven Bridges is the industry-leading bioinformatics ecosystem provider enabling  researchers to extract meaningful insights from genomic and phenotypic data in order to advance precision medicine. Our complete bioinformatics ecosystem consists of a compliant analytics platform, seamless data and automation, and expert scientific services. This holistic approach to bioinformatics is enabling researchers — at the world’s leading academic, biotechnology, government, medical centers, and pharmaceutical entities — to increase R&D efficiency, enhance the hypothesis resolution process, isolate critical biomarkers, and even turn a failing clinical trial around while also reducing computational workflow times and data storage costs.

We are currently looking for a Product Development Manager to team up with our strong engineering, design and bioinformatics teams to shape further development of the Seven Bridges platform. You will work on improving the way our users organize and collaborate, enabling them to reach their goals in a more efficient manner while making sure the environment satisfies needed security and compliance requirements.

Some of the challenges you will face:

  • Helping develop product features that will serve the needs of our clients while meeting overall business targets
  • Taking part in all phases of our development process, starting from problem discovery through product design and specification, release, usage monitoring and feature withdrawal
  • Communicating with relevant stakeholders to ensure that the product meets expectations
  • Taking a proactive role in project roadmap planning, maintaining product backlog as well as working independently with our development team
  • Constantly improving product usability and refining our product requirements
  • Working in a fast-paced environment across regions, product areas and functional teams
  • Identifying key stakeholders and fostering an open and collaborative environment to help facilitate the best possible solutions
  • Working on multiple projects at once while keeping focus on key issues

Our ideal candidate:

  • Has a strong technical background with 2+ years of experience in a Product position
  • Has gained experience in managing software projects delivered to customers as SaaS
  • Has experience with API design (REST, JSON-over-HTTP, etc) and web user interfaces (creating mockups)
  • Is familiar with Identity and Access Management domain
  • Is an enthusiast with a strong desire to take part in all phases of the product development process
  • Has ability to influence and negotiate across all levels of the organization
  • Is an excellent presenter, able to communicate complex concepts in a concise manner and in different formats depending on the audience
  • Has the ability to operate effectively and independently in ambiguous situations when working on cross-team efforts
  • Is genuinely curious, research-minded and willing to continuously learn and adopt new technologies
  • Is self-driven, has good organizational and time management skills
  • Is a team player and has the ability to seamlessly interface with development teams and leads as well as members of other departments
  • Has a strong business acumen
  • Is proficient in both spoken and written English

What is in Seven Bridges’ DNA?

Our mission:
Through our work we are creating valuable precision medicine solutions for an ever-increasing number of highly targeted patient populations, resulting in transformative advancements in life sciences and a healthier global population.

Our values:
One of our core principles is to be honest, ethical, & fair - to act with integrity and a sense of urgency as patients’ lives depend upon our solution. We pride ourselves on building successful business partnerships with our clients and making scientists happy as we treat data with respect and care and  believe to be the good stewards of personal genomic & health data. 

Our team and culture:
With backgrounds in mathematics, genomics, computational biology, software engineering, management, sales and beyond, our talented team is passionate about building fresh solutions to the most challenging problems of precision medicine. Above all, we are a team. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work which means that the trust and respect we have for each other infuses passion into everything we do.  By acting with empathy, supporting each other and learning from our challenges and successes we exemplify commitment to quality and results and accomplish more and faster. 

Our perks:
We offer a relaxed and open work environment, challenging career opportunities, competitive benefits and an environment that recognizes and rewards performance, with great conditions and first-hand involvement in one of the most exciting fields of science.

If you are looking for the right balance of teamwork, responsibility, challenge, and fun and you would like to explore what is next in technology and business, Seven Bridges is the right place for you.
If you would like to help push genomics forward please send us your resume and a cover letter, and if your qualifications fit the profile we are looking for we will be contacting you in a timely manner. 

Help us engineer a healthier tomorrow, together!

Job listing has been deactivated. This job listing has been deactivated on 03.11.2020. at the request of the employer.

Upoznaj kompaniju Seven Bridges

  • Seven Bridges se bavi analizom biomedicinskih podataka, pospešujući proboje u istraživanju raka, genetskih oboljenja, razvoja lekova i personalizovane medicine. 

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    na osnovu 5 recenzija
    Mogućnost napredovanja
    Balans između karijere i privatnog života
    Utisak o radu u kompaniji na poziciji Support engineer
    Najnoviji utisak

    Pozitivna iskustva o kompaniji:

    Fenomenalna atmosfera, pozitivni ljudi, uslovi rada odlični (fleksibilno radno vreme, hrana, piće), može dosta da se nauči.

    Zamerke kompaniji:

    Neke pozicije nisu dovoljno cenjene, dežurstva (rad nakon radnog vremena) nije dodatno plaćen, dobiti povišicu je bila misaona imenica, neki zaposleni u top menadžmentu su na tim pozicijama iz nepoznatih razloga i neke poslovne odluke su diskutabilne i dunsterima. Mora se više raditi na podizanju morala zaposlenih.

  • Pozicija
    Prosečna neto zarada
    Min Max

    IT Manager
    1 plata
    4000 EUR / mesečno
    4000 4000

    Product Manager
    1 plata
    1800 EUR / mesečno
    1800 1800

    Bioinformatics analyst
    1 plata
    1000 EUR / mesečno
    1000 1000

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