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Infrastructure Administrator (SysOps)

RapidSeedbox Ltd



Python Ansible intermediate

Our Core Values:

  • Excellence in everything we do (“I go above and beyond”)
  • Ownership and responsibility (“I own it”)
  • Continuously push the limits (“I don’t accept no as an answer. No is just an option”)
  • Cooperation & Service (“Everyone matters”)

We are a remote SaaS company with a mission to provide online anonymity to people worldwide. With a rich history in the Hosting and Networking domain, we’ve been operating in the anonymity space since 2008, serving thousands of active clients. With a clear vision for the future, our remote, passionate, and diverse team is continuously expanding, and we are on the lookout for talented individuals to join us on our exciting journey.

Job description
About the Role:

As our Infrastructure Administrator, you’re overseeing the robust monitoring and health status of our servers, ensuring optimal performance. You will take charge of managing the inventories for both Seedbox and Proxy, deploying servers when needed. Additionally, you will foster and maintain strong relationships with data centers, handling server orders, and conducting research to secure competitive pricing offers for our server infrastructure.

Technical Skills Required:

  • A 2+ years of experience System Operations Engineer with a strong command over Linux-based environments.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in managing virtualization technologies such as OpenVZ, KVM, and SolusVM.
  • Expertise in monitoring systems like Zabbix, Nagios, Grafana, and Prometheus for maintaining robust infrastructure performance.
  • Proficient in shell scripting using Bash for automation and task simplification.
  • Hands-on experience with configuration management tools like Ansible for efficient system administration.
  • Strong coding skills in Python for scripting and automation purposes.
  • In-depth knowledge of working with bare-metal servers, optimizing their performance, and ensuring their reliability.


  • Server Management: Handle server issues independently, identifying and troubleshooting problems efficiently.
  • Inventory Control: Ensure no stockouts in Seedbox and Proxy plans, and maintain transparent client communication and compensation for service disruptions.
  • Data Security: Implement best practices for data security to prevent breaches and maintain application integrity, aiming for zero security breaches within the first year.
  • System Observability: Improve system monitoring for a 25% reduction in downtime and a 15% improvement in issue response time within the first six months.
  • Reporting Efficiency: Streamline data gathering and reporting processes to enhance accuracy and timeliness of key performance indicator reporting by 20% within the first three months.
  • Crisis Management: Develop and implement a proactive crisis management plan to reduce response time by 25% within nine months.
  • Cost Efficiency: Regularly negotiate, benchmark, compare, and research server prices for a 5% increase in cost savings per server throughout the financial year.

You’ll be a great fit if you have:

  • Proactivity: Take initiative and provide fresh perspectives to improve services, leading small projects independently.
  • Problem-Solving Excellence: Expert in identifying and resolving complex infrastructure challenges for reliability and high performance.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Strong communicator, adept at collaborating with various teams and mentoring junior members.
  • Attention to Detail: Vigilant oversight to prevent oversights that could impact project success.
  • Persistence: Committed to solving complex problems, demonstrating resilience and determination in infrastructure management.
  • Customer Centric: Value customer satisfaction and prioritize serving the customer effectively.

What’s in it for you:

  • Remote Work: Enjoy the flexibility of working 100% remotely from the comfort of your home or any location worldwide.
  • Unlimited Vacation: Take as many vacation days as you need to ensure you are well-rested and ready to tackle new challenges.
  • Professional Growth: As we are a small company, you’ll have the chance to engage with various aspects of the business, fostering your professional development.
  • Emergency Fund: We offer an interest-free emergency fund with comfortable payouts to help you in times of need.
  • Company Retreats: While we are a fully remote company, we believe in teamwork and we want you to feel you belong here. We strive to organize yearly company retreats where everyone is invited. We believe in hard work, but also in having a good time!

Interview flow:

Application: Everything starts with getting in touch. The best way to express your interest is by applying online.
HR Interview: If your profile aligns with our requirements, we’ll invite you for an HR interview.
Technical Interview/Test: You may undergo a technical interview or complete a relevant test.
Online Interviews: You may have up to three online interviews with various team members.
Reference Check: We will kindly request you to arrange a reference check before we extend a job offer.
If this opportunity resonates with you, we are excited to meet you and welcome you to the RapidSeedbox team!

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Our Core Values:

Excellence In Everything We Do: We don't just do - we excel. (“I go above and beyond”)

Ownership & Responsibility: We take charge like it's our own. (“I own it”)

⭐Continuously Push the Limits: We turn “No” into just another challenge. (“No is just an opinion”)

Co-operation & Service: We believe in the power of unity. (“Everyone matters”)

Welcome to RapidSeedbox, where our mission is more than just a job—it's a crusade for online freedom. Since 2008, we've been building a safer digital world, and we want you to be a part of this exciting journey. Join us and make a real impact in the realm of internet privacy and liberty.

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System Administrator

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System Administrator

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