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Frontend Developer

Balkaneum d.o.o.



Balkaneum is a development house charged with several projects in the sphere of cryptocurrency, e-commerce and financial asset trading.

We seek to expand our Xcalibra team with an experienced



What you will be working on:

Xcalibra is a financial asset exchange software that allows people to trade with crypto and traditional currencies. This kind of software has a lot of data that needs to be displayed in a tight space. On top of that, new numbers are constantly coming in through the sockets. The UI needs to keep up with the updates, while remaining responsive. You won’t be bored.

Our current stack and workflow is as follows:

  • Main frontend is coded in typescript, with react, redux and styled components
  • Admin apps are done in react + javascript
  • Our landing page is next.js + strapi
  • Our backends are based on node.js and postgresql
  • Some of the admin apps are wrapped in electron.js
  • Our devops flow is based on gitlab + gitlab-ci
  • We are hosting everything on our own dedicated server infrastructure

The platform has been recently released after a year of development. There is still a lot of work to be done on the frontend, including possibly a redesign and the addition of several major new sections to the product.

You would be our ideal candidate if:

  • You have at last 3 years of professional experience working on web frontends (HTML, CSS, JS, design).
  • You have an eye for details and empathy towards the user. You understand that first stab at a new UX flow is rarely ideal and will keep iterating until you find a better solution.
  • You are able to code. We are making complex applications with tons of real-time data flowing through the sockets. You know how to handle it.
  • You are a thoughtful and detail-oriented developer. The code you deliver is reasonably tested and stable, leaving only an occasional edge case for the QA to discover. You don’t expect anyone to clean up behind you.
  • You are proactive. Instead of sitting idly, you pick tickets you’d like to work on. You create new ones when you have an idea or notice something wrong. You are OK with a flat organizational structure.
  • You understand performance. You can optimize the deployed bundle and remove needless dependencies where feasible.
  • You are OK with sometimes giving a hand on the backend (node.js) or working in a native app (electron or react-native).
  • You are comfortable communicating in English, in written and verbal form.

Benefits of working at Balkaneum:

  • No outsourcing, no dealing with clients or salesmen - we work on our own products
  • Small teams in good offices (no open office layout), located in Belgrade city center, near the Parliament building
  • Great computers, choose between a high-powered PC or a Mac, ergonomic chairs
  • Private health insurance
  • Company-provided free lunch every day
  • Fully stocked fridge, coffee
  • Competitive salary
  • Gym membership
  • Company sponsored trips to conferences and meetups
  • Bonuses based on team achievements

With your application, we encourage you to include your open source code profile (github, bitbucket...), portfolio site, stack overflow account, hacker rank link, a code sample or anything else that demonstrates your craftsmanship.

Deadline for applications: 23.10.2019.

Job listing has expired.

Upoznaj kompaniju Balkaneum d.o.o.

  • Balkaneum je kompanija sa sedištem u Beogradu osnovana 2017. godine. Veruju da će kriptovalute i blokchain tehnologija promeniti svet i da je njihova uloga je da taj proces unaprede. Traže nove razvojne momente na Balkanu i lansiraju ih na svetsku scenu. 

    Balkaneum je fokusiran na razvoj Open Source softvera. Svaki programer i učesnik u ovoj kompanijskoj viziji doprinosi globalnoj bazi znanja.

    Pogledaj profil kompanije
  • Prosečna ocena
    na osnovu 2 recenzije
    Mogućnost napredovanja
    Balans između karijere i privatnog života
    Utisak o radu u kompaniji na poziciji System Software Developer
    Najnoviji utisak

    Pozitivna iskustva o kompaniji:

    Nema legacy koda, nema debagovanja tuđeg đubreta (što je u 90% projekata u Srbiji), džabe ručak, mali timovi i mala kompanija pa je atmosfera opuštena.

    Zamerke kompaniji:

    Mora se poraditi na organizaciji s obzirom da kompanija prelazi iz startup-a u ozbiljnu priču.

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