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Developer Advocate




At Chainstack we are building the most reliable Web3 infrastructure for the next generation of web applications—open, trustless, and robust.

Thousands of innovators in DeFi, NFT, gaming, analytics, and other verticals are empowered by scalable distributed Chainstack APIs. We process billions of requests on a daily basis and provide unified user-friendly access for developers to all prominent Web3 protocols—from Ethereum and Polygon to Solana.

This is a great opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of Web3 and the blockchain space from all perspectives—from end-user challenges to the developer experience in building and running decentralized applications and tooling.

The Developer Advocate will have an integral role in the Content Team and have as customers: themselves to promote the Chainstack products to blockchain developers, the Product Team for the smooth product experience; the Technical Support and Platform Operations teams for the smooth how-to blockchain experience; the Marketing Team for the developer advocate experience.

Ideal candidates will have experience with writing, editing, or content management in a professional setting. Although professional technical experience is not a strict requirement for this role, due to our tutorials' technical subject matter we strongly encourage folks with a background in blockchain, programming, Linux, and/or open-source technologies to apply.

For the types of content you will be producing, check the following examples:

  • Blogs
    • Exploring the methods of looking into Ethereum’s transaction pool
    • Eth2 and your DApps: What you need to know
  • Documentation
    • DApp tutorials
    • Development tools
  • Knowledge base
    • Using GraphQL with EVM-compatible nodes
    • Setting up a Chainlink node with an Ethereum node provided by Chainstack
  • Research reports
    • Eth2 Client Development Report

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Verifying and explaining the technical functionality of the Chainstack product features
  • Crafting the full range of blockchain blog posts—from the industry overview to deeply technical and developer-oriented
  • Reaching out to and listing Chainstack in the industry resources to increase recognition
  • Researching technical topics to gain a working knowledge of new subjects, understand best practices, and record the experience for the blockchain space and communities
  • Sharing thoughtful edits and feedback to teammates as part of our established peer-review process
  • Participating in team-wide initiatives to support organizational goals

Job Requirements:

  • A strong command of the English language and an ability to translate complex technical concepts into clear, accessible prose
  • Experience with all aspects of blockchain—from the industry use cases to infrastructure to Web3 and DApp development
  • Experience with Linux & open-source technologies preferred
  • Ability to change and adapt one's writing voice depending on the context and purpose of the content at hand
  • Demonstrated ability to research and understand new and unfamiliar subjects
  • Desire to teach and communicate effectively with others
  • Git experience as the Chainstack docs project is maintained on GitHub

We Offer:

  • Salary in USD
  • Stock options
  • Bleeding edge tech stack
  • Lack of bureaucracy
  • Flexible schedule
  • Global fast-growing market
  • Multinational team

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About us

DevOps, cybersecurity, distributed computing, neuro-design, behavioural economics, knowledge management — we Chainstackers are an eclectic, inclusive, and driven bunch!

Every day we are solving hard problems and creating a superior user experience in the world of blockchains. We enjoy optimizing, analyzing and innovating our product by listening to our customers, and by embracing best practices across industries.

 Our mission

Our mission is to create the most accessible and easy to use platform to build, run and scale blockchain applications. We want help accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology by enterprises and the world at large.

It all begun in 2018, when Laurent and Eugene realized that their individual visions for a global scalable blockchain ecosystem were aligned even though their approaches to building public and private network were slightly different.

As a technologist, Eugene saw a gap in the tools and infrastructure available to DevOps teams who wanted not just to experiment on but to build and scale blockchain applications. However, he understood that meaningful adoption was not possible without a scalable blockchain
management solution.

As a seasoned business executive, Laurent understood the paradigm-shifting potential of blockchain to address part of the inefficiency in the global economy. However, he knew that meaningful blockchain adoption was not possible without an intuitive, enterprise-grade solution that would fit with legacy infrastructure.

Our story

Chainstack was born by bringing together these two visions: an ecosystem of blockchain management solutions built with a high degree of automation, standardization, and compatibility, rooted in precision engineering.

Eugene’s early vision on the technology was instrumental to build Chainstack and deliver a world-class platform. The initial white paper is very close to the platform today, delivering a consistent solution in the past two years. Laurent’s intuition of a developing segmentation of the public/private blockchain market helped shaped the hybrid and agnostic nature of Chainstack, as well as its partner-focused strategy.

As a fruit of the passion and persistency of its founders and founding team, Chainstack has now grown into the only enterprise-grade blockchain managed services platform that enables innovators to deploy, manage and scale DApps in minutes. Thanks to its strategic positioning of its HQ in Singapore, one of the global hubs of Fintech and blockchain enterprise innovation, Chainstack leads the way in supporting global adoption of blockchain, from enterprises and SMEs, to individual DeInnovators.

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