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DevOps Infrastructure Support Engineer

OpenSpend Inc. d.o.o.

1.500 - 2.500 EUR


We are looking for a:

Devops Infrastructure Support Engineer


We’re looking for an experienced developer/devops/ops person for a full time job on supporting our Kubernetes clusters and related staging/production infrastructure.

We already have production systems, but we're willing to improve its robustness, monitoring and alerting, load balancing, ease of deployment. We’ve chosen Kubernetes as a solution and made several steps towards replacing old deployments with the new ones.

You will be responsible in/involved in:

  • Improving the clusters themselves (updating, scaling, monitoring) and resolving issues with AWS-cluster binding points
  • Developing and improving release management tools (ACLs, configuring, versioning, rolling back and gradually rolling out of various SW products which we support), as well as binding them with other related tools
  • Developing and improving monitoring and alerting systems, searching for the best options in the industry and integrating with them
  • Dockerizing and k8s-izing various SW products
  • Reviewing and phasing out obsolete custom-made deployment tools.
  • Developing dashboards and helper tools to aid support people to find solutions for most common problems faster
  • Developing auto-correction tools so that most common requests are handled in-unmanned manner
  • Facilitating developers and support people to write runbooks and other support docs to reduce the load on devops engineers

An ultimate goal would be to make our deployments state of the art, fault tolerant, covered with monitors and easily maintainable.

We value such concepts as infrastructure as a code, 12 factor apps, continuous delivery, but we don’t have all of that implemented yet. If you share our values and ready to help us build the modern, scalable and cost effective deployment system, then join us!

You should be an expert who will review our existing architecture, provide an improvement plan and execute it (with our help).


  • 2+ years Docker experience - understanding the main concepts of docker, building minimal images and/or images which can be pulled fast
  • 2+ years of experience working with microservices deployed in the cloud (AWS or Google's)
  • 1+ year kops experience
  • Extensive experience working with Kubernetes dashboard, related tools (kube-ops-view, etc.), kubectl, Kubernetes resources (ingress, service, deployment, etc.)
  • 1+ year experience with AWS load balancers (L4 vs L7) and their configuration from within Kubernetes
  • Helm - knowledge of helmcharts, their templating engine, helm running/debugging, installing and using helm plugins
  • Experience working with monitoring systems, alarms, dashboards
  • Experience solving issues in production

Salary range: 1.500 - 2.500 EUR

Deadline for applications: 18.12.2019.

Job listing has expired.

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