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DevOps Engineer



About the Referrizer and team 

Referrizer is our fast-growing SaaS startup company with headquarters in Miami FL, USA, and a team around the globe, expanding and hiring great people who enjoy working from home. Become part of a fast-growing company where you learn, grow, create, and enjoy doing what you love. Imagine success, where your design is used by millions of people worldwide.

You will be working agile in biweekly sprints in a Serbian team with other Frontend, Backend and QA developers.

6 reasons why top-performance people join us

  1. Stock options available (five years financial freedom plan)
  2. Working from home or any location you prefer.
  3. One Team, One Project, Global Opportunity
  4. Modern infrastructure and technology stack
  5. No Bosses, no micromanagement. Join High-Performance, inspiring team environment. 
  6. Two weeks RV camper rental for free !

Required skills

  • 1+ years of experience in a similar role
  • 3+ years of work experience
  • Experience in system performance improvement
  • Ability to work autonomously and result-oriented attitude
  • Experience with AWS (EC2, S3, CloudFront, VPC, ElastiCache, RDS, SQS, etc.)
  • Experience with CI tools (Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipelines or similar)
  • Docker and Kubernates
  • Bash working scripting experience
  • Microservices architecture understanding
  • Intermediate English level
  • Proactive and result-driven
  • Knowledge, confidence, and efficiency in debugging issues
  • The confidence to speak up when you think something can be done better or smarter and the ability to accept compromises when necessary;

We don’t hire average - we hire superstars. People who are motivated by challenge, by deadline, by company mission. If you are a person who likes to break the limits, and consistently improve and grow, this is the right place. Become part of quality matters, speed is rewarded and positive energy is shared.

As a plus:

  • Experience with monitoring tools such as Grafana, Prometheus, Stackify, pgAnalyze
  • Experience with Serverless Framework is a plus
  • Experience with web applications and database servers (e.g. Java Spring Boot, PostgreSQL)
  • University degree in Computer Science/Engineering

Duties and responsibilities

As a DevOps Engineer, it is your job to seamlessly maintain, enhance and improve cloud AWS infrastructure  of our SaaS platform, while focusing on optimization and automation of CI/CD processes. You provide solid technical solutions to complex issues whilst helping us deliver the best customer experience and improve our product.

You will use your skills and tools to analyze current cloud architecture, automate infrastructure configuration, formulate efficient processes, solve problems, and create a seamless experience for millions of users across the globe.

You will design and implement the tools required to automate, deploy, manage and monitor cloud based applications and environments and partner with developers in CI/CD activities.

Support infrastructure with new products, update and maintain existing products hosted on AWS.

Do proactive system maintenance (like patching, security updates, SSL certificates renewal, etc.).

Troubleshoot issues, process monitoring alerts, investigate performance issues.

Following the existing company, team and project processes and procedures and suggesting how to improve them.

Be ready to assist with critical issues resolution during non-working hours (rare cases, but it happens sometimes).

Konkurs je istekao.
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