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CG Generalist

Wonder Dynamics

Novi Sad
Intermediate, Senior

Our CG Team is looking for an experienced CG Artist with the ability to take on a wide range of CG tasks. Candidates should have a strong sense of organization, artistic ability, and attention to detail as well as an eye for composition, light, and color. Work can be both independent and collaborative and is mentored by a strong group of senior artists. Strong animation skills are preferred. Additional Lighting, Compositing, Rigging skills are highly desirable. 


  • Experience in Look Development, VRay render software.
  • Knowledge of plate lighting, image based lighting.
  • Strong knowledge of full cg lighting/characters/environments.
  • Strong background and experience in Asset Generation.
  • Understanding of multi-pass rendering, and how the passes will be used for final composite.
  • Experience in 3d scene layout.
  • Knowledge of camera and mechanical animation.
  • Previous background and experience in Modeling, Texturing.
  • Solid understanding of Feature Film and/or Television production pipeline.
  • Proven problem-solving skills and the dedication to create the highest quality images possible
  • Excellent communication skills and technical knowledge, work well within a team, and independently
  • Ability to learn new techniques, and develop new workflows.
  • Familiarity with shot-tracking software is a plus

What will be expected

We are a very focused, hardworking group of individuals, and the same will be expected of you. We have an incredibly skilled team of VFX Artist, AI and machine learning engineers based in Los Angeles, California and Novi Sad, Serbia.

About the company

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA  and focused on the future of filmmaking, Wonder Dynamics’ mission is to revolutionize the production and post production process by utilizing the most advanced AI and machine learning technologies. They are striving to create new opportunities in the industry, democratize the use of visual effects and pave the way for the next generation of filmmakers. Involved are some of the most influential individuals in the field of film and AI.

Why should you work for us?

At the intersection of film and technology, this job will offer a very unique experience, and you will be exposed to a diverse set of fields spanning from film production and visual effects to AI, machine learning and computer vision. Because we are operating in uncharted territory, there will always be something new to learn on the horizon. We highly value our team and the support of our co-workers and strive to create the best environment to work in. Everyone involved has a passion for what we are building, and we love working with people who share that passion. 

This is a mid- or senior-level engineering role and we offer a competitive salary, valuable stock options and comprehensive benefits that allow individual flexibility for all employees to choose what makes the most sense for their personal situation.

Wonder Dynamics is committed to a culture of flexibility, diversity, and fun for all of our employees. We are working on some of the most challenging technical problems and we know the solutions will come from all of us working together in an inclusive, transparent and open manner.

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Posao Novi Sad, UX Dizajn (23 oglasa)


Product Analyst (Remote)


COING d.o.o.


3D Max Generalist

Baya Dynamics Ltd

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