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About us

Step into the pulsating universe of Wargaming, where your quest for glory is as unique as you are! Working at Wargaming is an experience that fuels your creativity, ignites collaboration, and nurtures personal and professional growth - all for the love of AAA games.

Our journey from humble beginnings in 1998 to becoming a global gaming juggernaut is nothing short of epic. We're not just about creating AAA games; we're in the business of crafting mind-blowing, immersive adventures that transport players to awe-inspiring realms.

One thing is for sure - our passion for gaming knows no limits.

We're a tight-knit alliance of gaming industry professionals from all walks of life, united by a non-stop passion for all things gaming. Whether you're a fearless leader in World of Tanks or World of Warships, or hooked on any other exciting titles that match your vibe - you'll discover a vibrant community of kindred spirits to share your love of games (and valuable rewards) with.

Together, we're not just Wargamers - we're the architects of gaming's future, crafting unforgettable adventures for millions of gamers worldwide.

But it’s not just our players that span across the globe, it’s our team as well. Global Reach is hardcoded into our DNA.

With 15 offices around the world, you'll collaborate with people with rich and diverse backgrounds, gaining a truly global perspective on the gaming industry while boosting your own experience points.

Join us at Wargaming and let's bring new amazing AAA games to the lives of millions, one epic adventure at a time.

Our projects:


  • World of Tanks

A team-based, MMO action game dedicated
to the armored warfare of the mid-20th century. Worldwide famous game with a 160-million community.

  • World of Warships

A team-based, strategic MMO action game where players become commanders of iconic war vessels from naval history’s golden age.

  • World of Warplanes

A team-based, MMO action game dedicated
to the golden age of military aviation.


  • World of Tanks Modern Armor

World of Tanks Console is played by more than 20 million players worldwide and is available on PlayStation® 4 & 5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X.

  • World of Warships: Legends

A team-based, navy-themed MMO action game for consoles  Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation® 4.


  • World of Tanks Blitz

A cross-platform, team-based MMO action game dedicated to fierce tank combat and available on iOS, Android, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Has 137 million downloads globally.

  • World of Warships Blitz

A mobile MMO action that plunges players into intense naval combat.

Tech stack

C++ Python MySQL JavaScript Git Linux Jira Phalcon


Personal Gaming Account

As a Wargaming employee, you have the right to register a personal corporate account or get all developer privileges for an existing one.

Awards, bonuses and gifts

Seniority Awards  

A global recognition program for all employees of the company. The program spans all offices, departments, products, and services.

Seniority milestones are celebrated by awarding special ranks to the employees. Every rank has its own distinctive badge. Wargamers also receive a special gift from the company.

Referral program 

The referral program involves recommending someone you know who meets the specified requirements for one of our open positions. In exchange for your referral, you will receive a bonus. Wargaming is an excellent place to work, so help us discover exceptional talents and build the best team ever.

Coffee, fruits, and snacks at the office

Feeling snackish or in a need of a double espresso to keep going? You'll find a decent selection of coffee, tea, fruits, and snacks, delivered fresh daily to all our offices.

Premium Private Health Care

An additional form of health care for an individual. Insurance is valid on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, 24 hours a day during the period of one year.

Free gym access


We place a high emphasis on promoting health and wellness and we are committed to providing resources and support to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. FitPass provides you with access to hundreds of top-rated gyms, fitness studios, swimming pools and sport centers in 30+ cities in Serbia. Most of the FitPass partners facilities are free of charge for owners of the FitPass cards, but there are ones who are available with participation or price with discount.

Company events

Company events and team building

We are big on workplace celebrations, big or small, as a great way to enrich our culture, boost morale, and create a more inclusive workplace community

Social clubs

Wargaming Belgrade has successfully launched social clubs tailored to our valued employees. Think poker nights, volleyball and football clubs, board games get-togethers and much more. Additionally, we are proud to introduce a Family Club, extending membership privileges to spouses and children, further enhancing the inclusivity of our employee engagement initiatives.

Career development and education opportunities


SkillUp is an upskilling platform for learning and knowledge sharing. The platform allows users to learn, develop and measure their skills. WG SkillUp integrates everything people use to learn and build their careers — skill insights, courses, videos, articles and projects — and matches everyone to growth opportunities that fit their unique skills, roles, and goals.

LinkedIn Learning

Free access to LinkedIn Learning Platform. Library for business, software, technology and creative skills


Library for technology and business knowledge. Kubernetes, Python, Docker, Java, and more—in safe live dev environments


Game Developers Conference. Access to video recording of Game Developers Conferences

English clubs and platform for learning languages

Trust days

Up to 8 “Trust days” per calendar year that require no medical certificate.

Additional Vacation days

Additional Vacation days on top of the statutory minimum dependent on years of service with Wargaming Group.


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