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We are HealthTech Software Engineers - We are a team of people with a strong sense of mission.


With our Headquarter in San Francisco, California, we’ve been working in the field of healthcare for over the last 20 years and developed more than 300 health tech solutions and 30 products. Now, millions of people across the US use the products that we’ve created and perfected to improve their health.

We are service providers with in-house teams who never create the same thing twice. Whether it is for patients or providers, clinical decision support or remote monitoring system, every engagement is unique in its own way. There are 70+ brilliant people in Vicert that share the same values and are passionate about making a difference.

We started our journey with a development center based in Belgrade. Today, professionals from Novi Sad, Nis and other cities in Serbia, but also from all across the region, joined our teams and support our expansion that is still ongoing.

We understand that each person has different goals and aspirations, which encourages us to design a unique approach in order for them to reach their fullest potential. A Career Path is created to help you grow together with the company. It covers various training seminars, courses and certifications, as well as access to professional books and other learning materials. You will have your Mentor who will keep an eye on your progress all the time and at every step along the way will support you.

We take our recruitment process very seriously and we engage all applicants with enthusiasm to get to know them as individuals. Your experience and knowledge is our focus in the process, but also, it is important for us to know that our people will get along and work together in an inspirational and pleasant environment. That is why people at Vicert are one of our greatest strengths.

It is our pleasure to meet with game-changers, enthusiasts and curious people. If you would like to join our team, or would simply like to know more - reach out to us!

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