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What we do

TelQ Telecom is a worldwide provider of SMS quality assurance services. As a cloud-based SaaS telecom platform, we are enabling customers all over the world to check and improve the quality of their telecom communication channels. Through the widest network of testing devices (15k+) in the industry, we have so far handled over ten million test results.
We collaborate with major mobile network operators in Europe and Asia, as well as leading SMS service providers. We provide testing coverage for over 1400 networks worldwide, covering over 180 countries.

Founded in 2016, our team comprises ≈ 15 people from 8 different countries. Despite being small in size, our services are the first choice for the biggest players in our industry. Our customers often praise us for having the best UI and for being the most reliable and innovative solution in the market.

TelQ – We got you covered!

Working environment

We characterize our work environment as very agile, low in bureaucracy, high in ownership, responsibility, and the impact you can make. We place a high emphasis on quality, both of our products and our employees. Therefore, we have significant investments in employee training, personal development, new technologies and constant improvement of our products’ functionalities and features.
Taking the above into consideration, if you prefer to work at a slow pace, take little responsibility or work with outdated technologies, TelQ is not your best choice :)

Why you should work with us

Start-up environment in combination with financial stability and a real opportunity to grow a Successful SaaS platform.
Technology stack. We use a lot of leading tech in our stack and we will ensure that it always remains up-to-date.
One of the greatest learning opportunities. You will be working with a cutting-edge tech stack, touching most parts of our system, get involved in architecture decisions, start some projects from scratch, investigate and introduce new technologies.
Power to make a significant impact. Most of your tasks will directly impact features used by the largest mobile network operators, SMS aggregators, and enterprise companies in the world that rely on our service.
Great company culture. We are a small, friendly team that likes to take good care of each other and grow together :)


Paid courses and certification to advance your skills.
Premium private health insurance for you and your family.
Flexibility in working remotely.
Flexibility in working hours.
Top-notch company equipment.


We frequently go out together for some team-building activities or simply for a few drinks.
Every 2 weeks we organize a company party.
We organize trips between our offices in Hamburg and Belgrade.
This year we are planning a company-wide trip to the south of Europe.


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Poslodavac pruža personalizovane benefite

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