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Team Sava's goal is to establish and nurture a dedicated team for our partners that will work on developing their in-house products, working with the latest technologies and modern approaches to the development process. We’re constantly growing and expanding our areas of expertise. Our team is based in Belgrade and Novi Sad and currently has around 25 people.

Team Sava offers the opportunity to work with successful worldwide companies on exciting and innovative products. Directly communicate and collaborate with colleagues globally. Bring original ideas to the table and participate in project planning, new technology evaluations, and more. Experience exciting career opportunities in an international environment, a wide range of benefits, and opportunities for professional development.

We nurture an individual approach to each member of our team to make sure you feel as comfortable and supported as possible. Your opinion matters to us and we make it our business to hear your voice and create an optimal environment for you to do your best work. 

The HR team conducts regular conversations with each employee, covering a wide range of topics related to their individual needs and goals. In order to establish effective, long-term collaboration and outstanding results with our team members, we empower and motivate every individual to share their vision, plans, ideas, and concerns. We are happy to answer all questions regarding current responsibilities, projects, team relations, career path, and further plans. The idea is for all employees to feel like part of one big family where their opinion will be heard and respected.

These individual conversations allow us to get a better sense of an employee’s personality, strengths, areas for improvement, and aspirations. By investing in our employees and inspiring them on both a personal and professional level, we increase the chances of maximizing their potential. With a commitment to each employee's personal success and growth, we keep our team members engaged in the overall success of the company.


Ovaj poslodavac odgovara na vaše prijave

Ovaj poslodavac odgovara na vaše prijave

Priznanje predstavlja dokaz da poslodavac odgovara kandidatima na njihove prijave nakon što je konkurs za posao završen, nezavisno od pozitivnog ili negativnog ishoda.

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