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Smith Micro Software d.o.o.

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At Smith Micro (NASDAQ: SMSI), we believe in creating innovative, scalable business solutions that address the problems and concerns of today’s digital lifestyle.

Španskih boraca 3/VI sprat Beograd, Srbija
+381 11 31 21 966

About us

For over 35 years, Smith Micro has been creating enterprise and consumer-level products that revolutionize how businesses and customers interact with each other, and with the world around them. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Smith Micro operates around the world with offices in Sweden, Portugal, and Serbia.

Our core mobile products include:

ViewSpot: An intuitive in-store device management platform that engages your customers with modern, meaningful, and visually stunning experiences. While customers learn about featured products and services, you will be gaining valuable insights into their in-store journey.
SafePath: Comprised of SafePath Family, SafePath IOT, and SafePath Home, this platform delivers the most comprehensive connected life experience possible.
CommSuite: A next-generation voice messaging platform that enables carriers to offer a modern and intelligent take on a legacy service.
In addition to our mobile solutions, Smith Micro also creates industry-leading graphics tools for animators, illustrators, graphic designers, and students at every level.

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Our people


Nikolina Tepić

Human Resources Generalist

I joined the SMSI team as a Human Resources Generalist in 2018 and have been loving it ever since. I enjoy working with truly amazing people across 5 offices in The United States and Europe. The team we have here in Belgrade is very creative, hardworking, ambitious, fearless, and takes a lot of pride in their work. My professional journey really began with my studies of Clinical Psychology and Counseling, after which I spent 1 year in California where I worked as a Case Manager and had my first experience with recruitment, selection and training. I was always attracted to the business side of things, so the mixture of business and psychology within HR management is a great fit for me.

Sanja Milinković

Digital Marketing Specialist

My journey at Smith Micro began in 2018, when I joined the company as their digital marketing specialist. Here are three things I love about working at Smith Micro: 1. My team is awesome! Really, they are! From the very first day I stepped into Smith Micro I was welcomed into the team with open arms. Our marketing team is primarily remote, so it is even more exciting and challenging to be a part of it. 2. Career progression and Employee development is at the heart of our company, every effort, every great idea, every contribution here is rewarded. 3. Support. We all support each other and work together to offer creative feedback and then make our ideas into reality. I love being appreciated and listened to. About Benefits Employees Contact

Ratko Ćaćić

Senior Graphic Designer

My love for art and drawing while growing up planted the seeds that led me to become a graphic designer—and ultimately a Senior Graphic Designer at Smith Micro. I’ve learned so much along my journey from a boy-who-loves-to-draw, to a professional graphic designer. A few things about the company really interested me and helped make up my mind about joining. We’re doing business on an international scale, with many of the world’s largest and most powerful companies in the wireless industry. I enjoy working in emerging markets, take responsibility and develop professionally in an international team made up of awesome people. It’s this combination of development, opportunity, and responsibility that makes working here enjoyable.

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