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About us

Hey there!

So, here's the lowdown on us: we are SKS365, kicking it since 2009 from Innsbruck, Austria. Big players in the Italian betting scene, rocking the Planetwin365 brand. Our crew spans offices in Rome, Malta, Innsbruck, and Belgrade, with more than 550 folks on board. Plus, creating opportunities -that's how we work, not just for ourselves, but for thousands of partners and peeps in the game.

Planetwin365? Oh yeah, that's our jam! We're all about delivering an epic gaming experience, whether you're chilling online at Planetwin365.it or hitting up one of our 1000 street shops across Italy.

But here's the kicker - our focus is not maintaining the status quo. We're the daring adventurers pushing boundaries and making waves in innovation. From our digital playground to our real-world hangouts, our team is dedicated to empower shaking things up and making magic happen.

And what about the heartbeat of our innovation – our Protech Teams? Well, meet our dedicated professionals who form the backbone of our transformation, ensuring that our products and services remain at a world-class level. 

  • 🚀 Sportsbook Development Team: They are the innovators behind our thrilling betting offers for all sporting events. From ticket placement to managing user bonuses, they keep the excitement alive.
  • 🎨 Digital Development Team: Crafting seamless User Interfaces (UI) across all our platforms, be it websites, mobile apps, or Windows apps, is their forte. They're the creative minds behind the frontend design and the wizards who develop APIs supporting them on the backend.
  • 🔐 Platform Development Team: From account creation to managing user permissions and journey, this team ensures a smooth ride for our users from start to finish.
  • 🏪 Retail Development Team: Every technical aspect related to our retail operations, affiliates, and affiliated customers falls under their expertise. They ensure the best possible user experience for both end-users and our business partners.
  • 💳 Payments & Gaming Development Team: Responsible for implementing payment methods within our system, including card processing, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, they seamlessly integrate with third parties for smooth transactions. They are also in charge that all runs smoothly when it comes to virtual sports. Players want entertainment, not encountering any issues, right? ⚽
  • 💻 Infrastructure Team: Providing essential IT support and infrastructure to all our teams and the entire company, they ensure maximum security, technical support, database maintenance, and optimal application performance.
  • 📊 Business Intelligence (BI) Team: Their insights drive our strategic decisions. From historical to predictive views of business operations, they uncover new strategic opportunities using reporting, analytics, data mining, and predictive modeling.
  • 🔍 QA Team: The guardians of quality, they ensure that our products meet the highest standards before they reach our users. At every phase of the product life cycle, they ensure perfection, giving the green light only when everything is just right.

Together, these teams form the beating heart of our innovation, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve in delivering excellence to our users.

So, if you're ready to jump on the ride and be part of something awesome, join the crew!

Scope out our current openings below and let's make some magic together!


Check out our Corporate Website: https://sks365.com/

Get a sneak peek into life at SKS365 on Instagram: We Are SKS365 (@we_are_sks365)

Connect with us on LinkedIn: We Are SKS365: Posts | LinkedIn

Join the SKS365 Squad and let's make some winning moves together! 🚀🎨

Tech stack

.NET .NET Core C# VB.NET Visual Studio MS SQL PostgreSQL Redis ASP.NET Core ASP.NET JavaScript jQuery Angular AngularJS CSS SASS Webpack Swift RabbitMQ WPF


25+ Days of Annual Leave

We enjoy a sweet 25 days of vacation annually, plus an extra special day for all of us - when we want it 🏖️🎉 

We have plenty of time to recharge our batteries, relax, and come back to the office feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Work. Live. Play Routine

Respecting everyone’s individual needs and lifestyle choices are our top priorities. That's why, when business allows, we have the freedom to work from anywhere, as long as we stay connected with our awesome team. Because let's face it, some of us really concentrate better when we are outside 🌳🍃

Wellbeing Matters

Health and happiness are non-negotiables for us! That's why we're always cooking up new ways to make ones life better. From health insurance packages, mental health workshops to streching & yoga at work, we've got everything one need to stay fit, fabulous, and ready to take on the world! 🧘🏻‍♀️🍃🌿🍀

Wellbeing & Easy Fridays🎈 ✨

Prioritizing self-care isn't selfish, it's necessary for a fulfilling life ❤️ that is why we have Wellbeing & Easy Fridays! These designated days are created to foster a culture of renewal, growth, and overall health. Whether one is office-based or working remotely, this is our way to encourage well-being. This is the chance to hit the pause button, disconnect at 13h (twice a month during spring, autumn and winter, and weekly during summer), take a breath, and focus on the activities that bring joy and peace🌟

Home of Potential

At SKS, we're all about helping people shine! That's why we've got modern learning approach, a strong feedback culture, and plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Because when one succeed, we all succeed!

Reward Scheme

Hard work doesn't go unnoticed here. If the company together with us make a profit, we all benefit! Commitment to achieving company goals is recognized and rewarded through our Company Annual Bonus Model.

Know a rockstar for a particular job? Why not refer them and double the benefits? Every successful referral, makes the team even stronger! 💪🏻🚀

Office Space You'll Love

Say goodbye to boring old workspaces! Our offices are bursting with color, amazing break areas with table tennis, football, picado - you name it! 🏅

We believe in creating a cheerful, positive environment where people can thrive and do their best work! 😎

Fun stuff

And let's not forget the fun stuff! Sport initiatives, parties, happy hours, team social events, and much more are all part of the package here at SKS. 

Because hey, who says you can't work and play too?🎉✨ We value hard work and dedication, but we also celebrate both small and big successes to recharge our batteries. So we don’t miss our  social events—they're the perfect chance to get to know colleagues personally and connect with them more closely.

Selection process

Here's what you can expect:

· Get in touch: Why wait? Reach out to us, and let's get the ball rolling! Our recruiters are eager to connect with you and learn more about your talents and career goals.

· Let's chat: Get ready for an engaging conversation with one of our recruiters. During this initial discussion, we'll take a deep dive into the role you're interested in. We'll also explore your past experiences, skill set, and career aspirations together. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other better and see if there's a great fit between you and our team.

· Meet us: After our initial conversation, the journey continues with a series of interview rounds, either face-to-face or conducted online. You'll have the opportunity to meet various team members. This not only gives you a taste of our vibrant culture but also provides you with a clear understanding of the role and the organization as a whole. We believe in transparency and want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

· We want you: If all goes well during the interview process and we're as excited about you as you are about us, we'll extend a compelling offer! This offer will come with a comprehensive compensation package tailored to your skills and experience.

· You are in! Congratulations! Get ready to embark on this thrilling journey with us! We are here to support you every step of the way. Welcome to the team!


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