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About us

The name PRODYNA stands for PROfessional and DYNAmic. Although most people think and act in the time unit “project”, the path to long term success is much longer. PRODYNA considers it extremely important to guarantee continuity to its customers. Since our capital is the knowledge and experience of our consultants, PRODYNA makes great investments in the further education, certification, and long term retention of its employees. 

We also live by our values:


Our professionalism demonstrates itself in our clear, structured procedures in projects: through the application of procedure models (e.g. RUP), the compliance with quality standards (CMMI, certification according to ISO 9001:2008) and the high demands for documentation and concepts. It is also reflected in our experience with large-scale projects and in the high investment into our staff's further training. We take a professional attitude and behaviour of our employees, when dealing with customers and colleagues, for granted.


We offer a philosophy with clear structures: in a competence-oriented matrix organization that depicts for every employee who is an expert in which area. This also includes involving clients and staff into project processes (Confluence, JIRA), so that everybody knows the actual project status.


Our corporation is characterized by flat hierarchies. Changing project teams and intensive exchange of know-how is the base for good teamwork beyond project barriers. Our dynamic Solution Center and specialist areas combine employees of different seniorities and project teams and ensure project independent communication and cooperation – based on appreciation and respect. This is one of the most important value, which we nutrure with various team activities and events. You may find pictures of it in our gallery. 

Further training

High investment into the further training of our employees ensures their individual opportunities for development and our long-term leadership in the various areas of development . We ensure these through the PRODYNA Academy.


Since our technological environment is characterized by strong transformation processes and further development, we put strong emphasis on intensive internal communication and short communication channels. We ensure the latter through Instant Messaging, a dynamic intranet (Confluence, JIRA) and the respective working equipment for our employees.


Trust constitutes an integral part of a solid, continuous cooperation. We see clients and employees as our long-term partners. For us, far-sighted and responsible acting in accordance with our clients‘ and our employees‘ requirements, as well as absolute reliability, go without saying.


In order to realize the best possible solutions for our clients, we expect and reward the proactivity of our employees. We explicitly wish for the acceptance of responsibility, be it within the company and its internal structure, or through recognizing and seizing project opportunities.

Tech stack

Java JavaScript Vue.js Angular ReactJS Spring Spring Boot Spring IO C/Objective C/C# Cobol HTML CSS JCR JSP NEO4J Perl PHP JCO VAADIN WICKET Git Docker WebSeal Eclipse Apache Amazon AWS Atlassian Atlassian Bamboo BitBucket FINDBU FIRSTSPIRIT Kafka Cassandra Lucene Magnolia Maven MySQL Netty.IO ORACLE XG SOLR POSTMAN Sonart JIRA


Sport and fitness

Local sport event participation

Awards, bonuses, gifts

• We continually introduce new benefits and appreciation reimbursements to make our employees feel at home. After all, our colleagues are family, and with a heartfelt gift on their special day we join the celebration.
• In order to strengthen associations and create positive connections between the company and employees, we award employees for their loyalty and dedication. Therefore, the employees receive special presents for their three, five, and ten years of work anniversaries.
• Giving the opportunity to our employees to recommend their friends or family members for open positions at PRODYNA, we aim to create an engaged global team. We want our employees to participate in the company’s future and growth and additionally receive a financial boost through the referral program. Furthermore, the referred employees will feel more engaged from day one since they will already know at least one person at the company.

Food and drinks

Team dinners/lunches and fruits in the office

Education, professional development

Employee education

Private health insurance

Employee health is important to us. We don’t discriminate against people with disabilities or health conditions, but we want to do everything possible to help employees stay healthy. Therefore, we provide private health insurance, from the first day, to all employees.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

Fun & Entertainment

PRODYNA offers a variety of cultural, educational, and athletic events. We offer a 100% refund on any theater or museum tickets for our employees.

Health and wellbeing

We don’t need to stress out the importance of a healthy workforce. For us, it is crucial to take care of our employees’ wellness. For PRODYNA employees, the well-being card and group sport activities contain a corporate wellness program. Elements of the program include the full membership at an impressive fitness center with wide range of sport activities combined with health spa treatments.

Additional days off

24 vacation days

Work from home

Hybrid work system

Multiple available work offices

As an international company, PRODYNA offers a special “change your work location” benefit to our employees. The benefit allows all our employees to change their work location by choosing among our offices across Europe. This also includes paid flight transportation and working space in the office by employees’ choice. The idea behind this benefit is to give our employees the opportunity to travel, to experience our international culture, and to build up connections with our global team.

Our people

Nikola Djurović

Service Manager / Team Lead

Bojana Belojević

Software Architect / Team Lead

Igor Dedović

Front End Developer


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