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Who we are and what we do?
We are a high-impact, enterprise-grade software engineering services company.

For over 18 years our clients have trusted us time and again to solve their most complex technological challenges and to accelerate and scale their mission-critical software engineering and product development initiatives.

Areas of Expertise
Over the years, Janea Systems has been trusted by enterprise companies to successfully manage engineering projects across a number of software technology areas;

Enterprise Open Source Software development & strategy
“No matter how smart people are you hire inside your company, there's always smarter people outside”

Our team's extensive experience being trusted by our clients to develop, manage, contribute and execute their mission critical OpenSource projects... View More

Developer tools, frameworks & platforms.
Our team's origins stem from a heritage of building systems-level software development tools (OS’s, API’s, SDK’s, CLR, CLI, Custom Tools (De-buggers, Code Editors, IDE’s) etc.)... View More

Modern web technologies (server & client side).
Deep web-tech is where our team has a lot of fun. An exceptionally deep background across this area includes expertise building large scale... View More

Big data and database development.
Our team's expertise in building big data & DB back-end solutions is unmatched, with a team of experienced and tenured architects and developers... View More

IoT, embedded and firmware development.
Our experience spans building custom real-time embedded software, debuggers, bootloaders, low level software frameworks... View More

Device driver & kernel development.
Whether you need specialized drivers development for Windows, Linux, or other OSs... View More

Low-level systems internals programming and high-performance servers development.