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About us

We are an IT company occupying a remarkable place in marketing, gaming and financial segments of the iGaming industry. Our products are successfully implemented in European, African and Latin American markets.

Ever since we first started, we have been driven to find the best solutions in everything we do. At the same time, we have been creating strong connections all over the world which has helped us to establish our presence in the industry.

We strive for fun, elegance, and efficiency in everything we do. You can feel this in our relaxed, homelike working environment perfectly. We offer employment and seek to hire only the brightest, most driven, and most gifted minds around.


What our selection process looks like

 For Technical Positions

1. CV screening

2. Sending a test task to all candidates who passed to the next round of selection. The test task is created by the technical lead. The level of difficulty of the test and the period for which you need to complete the task corresponding to the level of knowledge and experience that is required for an open job position. The candidate always has the opportunity to refuse to complete the test task if his/her abilities do not correspond to it or he/she does not have enough time.

3. HR and technical interview in our office or online after successfully completing the test task.

4. The test task review for candidates who did not pass to the next round of selection is sent on request after closing the job position.

5. The final candidate receives an official job offer by email.


For Marketing Positions

1. CV and portfolio screening

2. Interview in our office or online

3. Creative marketing task

4. The final candidate receives an official job offer by email.


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