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We are the leading Swiss software provider in banking automation. Our AI-inspired rule engine allows companies to create scalable process apps fast and easily. Without writing a single line of code, domain experts can simply configure processes – like creating a new bank account.
Because there is no need for coding, Atfinity automates processes significantly faster and allows for much quicker updates when anything changes.

Since 2016 Atfinity’s focus is automating processes in the financial industry. At the heart of our operation are strong engineering teams that constantly improve our product and experienced configuration teams that know what clients need. In the last two years, our client base has grown significantly and we are looking to build up a second team in Niš, Serbia.

Next to our software we contribute with our long-standing experience in collaborating with traditional banks. Today, our client base consists of some of the most demanding companies such as neo banks, private banks, fintech and crypto and organizations.


Elias-Canetti-Strasse 7, Zurich 8050